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...stupid frog...

so original, it's in a genre all its own

Spikeu Spiegel
26 June

[This is Spikeu! To be all organized and such, all my posts of or pert to Cowboy Bebop craziness will be posted here. You know, the fanfic, the icons, the pictures, and the random ramblings that make Spike... Spike!]

You know that light some people have in their eyes that shows that they're kids? Well, I don't see that in mine anymore.

the Bebop crew is love

oretachi COWBOY
uchuu wo mata nikake
akuto wo kechirashi
shoukin kaseguno sa
yuke yuke BEBOP tobe tobe BEBOP
younin to ippeki sa
oretachi COWBOY
uchuu no hate mademo
sono na wo todoru kasu
arakure yarou desu
yuke yuke BEBOP tobe tobe BEBOP
denkousekka daze
a-- ikasui kasu buchimoyou
omae no nureta
hitomi ni utsuru ore ni kanpai
oretachi COWBOY
uchuu no nakare mono
donna shoukinkubi mo nigerare yashinaize
yuke yuke BEBOP tobe tobe BEBOP younin to ippekisa

.: saving the universe :.
.: but not for free:.